iStore solar products review

iStore solar inverters and batteries - Updated January 2024

iStore is a 12 year old Australian brand of electric heat pump hot water systems, and now solar inverters and batteries.

iStore solar inverters and batteries are manufactured under an OEM agreement by Huawei.
The official launch of iStore solar products was at All Energy in Melbourne on October 26th 2023.
(See from 12 min 15 seconds of video)

Residential iStore solar inverters and batteries
iStore single phase hybrid inverter models: 3kW, 5kW, 6kW.
(Note: 3 x MPPT 8kW and 10kW hybrids due Mid 2024).
iStore three phase hybrid inverter models: 5kW, 6kW.
(Note: 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 15kW, 17kW, 20kW, 25kW hybrids due Mid 2024).

All iStore inverters listed above support:-
iStore 5kWh-30kWh battery (DC coupled directly into inverter).
(Note: Even larger 7kWh - 84kWh battery to be added to range, due sometime in 2025)
iStore backup boxes for battery power during grid outage for single and three phase.
iStore DC power optimisers.
iStore consumption meter.
Regular MPPT re-scanning to mitigate losses from panel shading.
iStore smart energy management.
10 year parts and labour warranty plus 2 years parts only on all inverters.
(Note: iStore Smart EV charger (7kW single and 22kW three phase) due mid 2024.)

iStore battery storage

5kWh to 30kWh in 5kWh modules.
Charge/discharge 2.5kW for smallest 5kWh configuration, 5kW for 10-30kW modules
Each battery module is parallel connected to each other.
Each battery module contains a battery optimiser.
Each battery module contains a self-deloying fire extinguishing bag.
10 year parts and labour defect warranty, with output warranty 16.45MWh per 5kWh battery @ 60% EOL

Win a BYD Dolphin EV with iStore.
The first 1,000 iStore inverter + iStore battery orders placed are entered into a draw.
The lucky winner wins a BYD Dolphin EV and the retailer who sold it wins one too !!

Coming in 2025 a larger battery...
Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, industry first 280Ah cells.
12,000 cycles to 60% EOL or 15 years production warranty and 15 year defect warranty.
Minimum storage 7kWh, maximum 84kWh (4 stacks of 21kWh). All at 100% depth of discharge.
Power optimiser inside each 7kWh battery module for individual charge/discharge extends life.
Parallel connection of each 7kWh battery module allows new and old batteries to be mixed.
Backup during grid outage via optional backup box.
Four levels of in-built safety features including temperature sensors & fire extinguisher in each 7kWh battery.

iStore 'solar only' inverters.
Whilst the inverters listed above are all hybrid 'solar & battery inverters' there are also solar only models.
Three phase 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 15kW, 17kW, 20kW, 29.9kW and 40kW.

iStore power optimisers
Compatible with solar panels up to 600W.
Intelligent self-learning panel Arc fault detection with total shutdown within 0.5 seconds.
Individual panel production included in reporting app for all optimised panels.
Selective deployment (none, some, or all panels).
Can be used to extend strings over multiple roof orientations.
Can be used on any shaded panels to maintain maximum string current.
iStore power optimisers come with 25 year warranty.

Smart energy management due 2025.
Weather forecast based automatic battery charging from grid at off-peak rates.
Direct surplus PV power to iStore smart EV charger, or turn on loads (e.g. hot water, pumps, A/C).

iStore solar inverter reporting.
Free Smart phone app (Android and Apple) and also via web browser.
(Note: This is an entirely new app written by iStore not Huawei's Fusionsolar).
Solar production data standard.
Imports from the grid and exports to the grid (requires iStore smart meter).
Self consumption on solar (requires iStore smart meter).
Individual panel output (requires iStore optimiser).
iStore battery state of charge, charge and discharge rate.
Minor/Major Alarms
Scheduled reports sent by email.

iStore smart EV Charger coming mid 2024
Single phase 1.4kW to 7kW dynamically adjusted rate depending on house loads and available solar power.
Three phase 1.4kW to 22kW dynamically adjusted rate depending on house loads and available solar power.

Warranty and Support
iStore Inverters listed above, 10 years parts and labour warranty plus 2 years parts only.
iStore battery 10 years defect warranty, plus output warranty pf 16.45MWh per 5kWh battery @ 60% EOL
iStore DC optimisers, 25 years parts and labour warranty.

iStore is an Australian brand supported locally in Australia by installers (us), and also from iStore themselves.

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062