Trina Solar panel review - Updated November 2022

Trina have been manufacturing solar panels (and now storage batteries) since 1997.

There have been a steady stream of good quality panels from Trina over the years but the new Vertex S+ is the best yet.

The first model we are getting, is a 415W panel which is ideal for Perth's single phase 6.66kW. (16 x 415W = 6.64kW)

It has negatively charged (N type) cells inside which give a better output because they degrade slower than normal 'P' types.

What I like most though is that it has double glass.
No exposed flimsy backsheet that is at risk of corrosion, water ingress and damage by insects, birds and animals.
The second sheet of glass also reduces flexing from strong winds or from some idiot walking on the panel.
Flexing a panel makes micro-cracks in the solar cells much more likely.
Instead of the backsheet they have, at a higher cost of course, installed a second sheet of glass.
One at the front, as normal, and one at the back. Not normal at all, but very good.
It does, of course, make the panel heavier, but solar installers enjoy a good workout. Saves on gym memberships.

'N' type cells and double glass, are to me, good reasons to pay a bit more for these panels, but there's more...

Dimensions and Efficiency
The dimensions of the 415W Trina Vertex S+ are 1770mm x 1096mm giving an efficiency of 21.4%
Compared to the most space efficient (and expensive) panel available, SunPower Maxeon 400W at 22.6%, that's not bad.
Note: Efficiency is about how much roof space is needed to create power. So SunPower needs a bit less roof area.

With a Voc of 42.7V d.c. and Temp Coefficient of Voc of -0.25% and Perth's minimum temperature of 1 degree C
that means you can have a maximum of 13 panels (5.395kW) on an inverter string to stay below the 600V d.c. limit.
So if you are getting a 5kW hybrid inverter and battery, you will usually be able to install 10.79kW of Vertex S+ panels.

That's better than arch rival JinKos' N 415W N type (that isn't dual glass) that has a higher Voc, 46.7V d.c.
That means a maximum of 12 panels per string, and 9.96kW max oversizing on a 5kW hybrid inverter with a battery.

Trina provide a 25 year defect and 30 year cell output performance warranty on the Vertex S+.
Being one of the largest, and most financially profitable solar manufacturers in the World, that's a warranty that's got some backing.

Trina Vertex S+ datasheet

Trina have an office in NSW. Call 1300 874 627. Email Trina email for support

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062