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Trina solar panel review - Updated November 2019


Trina have been in the news in 2019 for all the wrong reasons with reports of tens of thousands of Trina panels failing in Queensland due to water ingress. How true these reports are appears to depend on who you talk to, but to Trina's credit, whatever the scale of the problem has actually been, they have reportedly replaced them all under warranty, labour costs included.


I remember a similar tale of woe years ago when a model made by German Q.Cells (yes back then they were made in Germany) having to replace large quantities of their panels due to panel delamination (where the layers start to come apart).


As with all these issues, we hear about them today, but the real problem occurred many years ago when muggins in the factory wanted to go home early on Friday and pushed the wrong button. Qualty control checks get beefed up to make sure it never happens again.


Our own experience with Trina has been very good, albeit limited. We haven't really installed too many of them, not because we were worried, more because our regular wholesalers didn't stock them. What we have installed has been trouble-free and these days more local wholesalers are stocking them


Trina Honey 330W Half Cell Mono datasheet