Sungrow inverter review - Updated September 2019  

The top selling Sungrow model is the 5kW single phase (SG5K-D) model and at $1,200, it's very good value for a quality brand. However, if you buy their smart meter for an extra $160 then you also get reporting on your home power use within the Sungrow software.

With a 10 year defect warranty (five year labour included), good WIFI strength and a very helpful Australian office support service, this is a good choice and offers you nothing less than you can get from Fronius costing $1,000 more. The smartphone or browser based reporting software perhaps isn't as polished as Huawei in particular or Fronius and SMA less so, but certainly it's all there.


Whilst we also think the 3 phase Sungrow model (SG5TL-MT) is a fine product as well, and at $1,675 it's well priced, the lack of operation with a smart meter, and no consumption level reporting is a drawback. With Huawei's new 5kW hybrid (battery) inverter and smart meter, and consumption reporting too at only $215 more, it's hard to really recommend this particular Sungrow model as the best available.


On the subject of hybrids, Sungrows 5kW single phase hybrid is excellent and coupled with the smart meter, offers a lot of choice of batteries. It's $2,150 price tag is fair enough when compared to a popular non hybrid inverter like Fronius Primo which sells for just $120 less, but competing against the Huawei single phase 5kW hybrid at $1,600 initially makes Sungrows hybrid look a bit pricey.


However, Huawei, at least for now, only support LG batteries and they don't as yet have an emergency circuit function (EPS). By contrast, there is a wide variety of different batteries that you can connect to the Sungrow hybrid, and for $285 extra you can hook up the EPS external box to it. (Warning though, on any and all EPS circuits, that wiring up that emergency circuit in your switchboard is typically an extra $500 in labour and material costs).


Sungrow's own battery, a 4.8kW Li-ion (Samsung cells) product sells for $3,900. That's not bad, and being Sungrow and Samsung, it is very well made, and you, of course, you can add further batteries as your storage needs expand.


If you need a firmware upgrade to support a new feature, then the Sungrow engineers can connect to the inverter and do it remotely.


All in all, this is a very good brand and its clear from the number and reputation of local wholesalers stocking Sungrow, that we are not alone in thinking this.