Sigenergy inverter and battery review - Updated April 2024

Sigenergy's new solar and battery products.

There's some pretty impressive stuff to unpack here.
If you prefer to watch, not read, here's a summary in a 5 minute video.

You'll see a lot of blue links below. Most go to specific Youtube videos made by Sigenergy.

Clean Energy Council approval
At time of writing, 10th April 2024, none of the Sigenergy products are CEC approved.
That means that apart from trial/test/BETA systems, they can't be installed in Australia yet.
Sigenergy are confident that approvals will start being granted this month and be fully approved by June.

This is not a 'cheap' or 'basic' system, it's overflowing with features, but the prices ARE competitive.

The Sigenergy highlights...
5kW-10kW single phase inverters, 5kW to 25kW three phase inverters.
All Sigenergy inverters are the same physical size, and they are all hybrids.
That means they can all DC couple (plug in) Sigenergy batteries.

The Sigenergy batteries are currently available in 5kWh and 8kWh models.
Again, both the same physical dimensions, and can be mixed up.
You can have a 5kWh and 2 x 8kWh in a stack for example. 6 to a stack, 10+ stacks.
When the 10kWh and 12kWh batteries arrive in 2025 they can also be mixed in.
Same physical size. Your system can always keep adding the latest batteries.
New batteries added to old, different storage capacity, doesn't make any difference.
Each battery works independently of the others, parallel connection, optimiser in each module.
Lots of safety features including an in-built fire extinguisher in each battery.

Backup for blackout protection comes in a 'Gateway' box which includes the required consumption/smart meter.
It's a full UPS too. Zero milliseconds switch-over from grid loss to battery supply.
Solar panels top-up the battery during a grid outage on single and three phase.
Generator support option for off-grid or mostly off-grid installations with a different (HomeMax) backup box.

12kW or 25kW DC EV fast bi-directional charger.
Includes V2H and V2G capability.
Same size as any of the batteries, it gets added to the battery stack.
It can charge at 25kW even from a Sigenergy 5kW single phase inverter, Sigenergy batteries and if needed, the grid as well.
Even easier from a large 3 phase Sigenergy inverter with plenty of solar panels.

Sigenergy allow 200% oversizing on the single phase inverters with batteries, so 10kW of panels on a 5kW inverter.
The three phase oversizing limit, with a battery is 160%, or 16kW of panels on a 10kW inverter.

Sigenergy have regular 7kW, 11kW and 22kW AC smart chargers as well.

In-built Artificial intelligence (AI) allows you, and installers, to talk not tap.
Has ChatGPT fully integrated.

VPP (Virtual Power Plant) ready.

Impressed? Yes, I was as well.

I saw this product at the All Energy solar expo last year in Melbourne.
I assumed it was yet another cheap Chinese solar + battery combo and walked on.
Then I started hearing about it from other trusted sources.
The grapevine was working hard.

So who are Sigenergy?
Yes, Chinese, and the founder and CEO is ex-Huawei and Ascend AI, one of the largest AI companies in the World.
Reportedly he started up Huawei's solar division in 2011 and drove it to becoming World No 1 before leaving in 2020.
There's a lot of 'Huawei-like' things I recognise in the Sigenergy products.
Battery optimisers, fire extinguishers, even the identical AC plug and very similar appearance.
It seems that Tony Xu and his Sigenergy team have taken things a lot further than Huawei have done.

It's not hard to search Youtube for plenty of Sigenergy videos. Makes for interesting viewing.
Sigenergy have already had a lot of success and some very interesting installations in Europe.

If you are interested in some really large solar installs; Commercial, Industrial then Sigenergy scales up.
Inverters are paralleled together, as are stacks of batteries. On-grid or Off-grid.
Here's a quick video of a recent off-grid Australian install with 70kW of inverters and over 336kWh of battery storage.
That's 7 stacks of 6 x 8kWh Sigenergy batteries, with backup and a big generator connected on standby.

Can't wait for us to get to install some of these. They look so interesting.
The installation process seems very simple, and the finished job, very neat with all the cables hidden.

Sigenergy inverter (which can be wall mounted on it's own without batteries).

Inverter with 2 batteries. Can't say what size inverter or batteries as they all look the same.

Sigenergy datasheet/brochures.
Sigenergy inverter datasheet.
Sigenergy battery datasheet
Sigenergy Home/HomeMax backup box datasheet.
Sigenergy 1ph/3ph consumption / smart meters (included in backup box)
Sigenergy AC EV chargers
Sigenergy DC Charger/V2H/V2G (EV) datasheet (provisional).

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062