Seraphim Solar panel review - Updated December 2022

We installed our first Seraphim panels in December 2018.
The company was formed, in China, in 2011.

No problems whatsoever with any of our Seraphim installs so far.

It's not a particularly easy panel to sell because they aren't as well known as the likes of
Trina, JinKo, LonGi, or Canadian, and as a result we only recommend them when they have something special to offer.

I am updating our review of them today because there is a very interesting product coming early 2023.
It's an all-black, dual glass 415W gallium doped 'P' type cell panel with a 30 year defect warranty.

If that means nothing to you then let me explain...

'All-black' means exactly that. It will look terrific on any roof.
Most panels have a black frame but you can see strips of white from the backsheet.
Not so with this one.

Dual glass means that it is much sturdier than a regular panel. Glass at the front and back.
This significantly reduces flexing of the panel in strong winds and therefore less risk of micro-cracking the cells.

Gallium doping is rapidly replacing Boron doping and that means the degredation rate is slower.
Not quite as slow as an 'N' type but the gap is definitely closing.

30 year defect warranty. It's a very generous warranty.
Some panels are 12 years warranty, others 15 years, a few 25 years, but only a couple give 30 years or more.

We are awaiting final pricing when the panels land in January 2023, but I'm told they will be "attractively priced" which seems appropriate.

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Seraphim 415W all black, dual glass datasheet.

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062