SAJ Solar Inverter & Battery Review - Updated March 2024

SAJ are exclusively distributed in Australia by national wholesaler One Stop Warehouse.
SAJ have operated in Australia for five years and have an office in Sydney.

Three phase solar only SAJ inverters
R5 - 5kW, 8kW, and 10kW models with 2 x MPPTs and 'solar only', not battery capability.
The fact these inverters only have 2 x MPPTs with no parallel strings possible means 8kW is the effective maximum.
e.g. 2 x 13 panels strings of typical low voltage 440W panels = 5.72kW per MPPT or 11.44kW.
Most 10kW inverter users would expect 13.32kW of panels not 11.44kW.

The 5kW model is $1,400, the 8kW $1,740 and if you don't care about the low panel quantity, 10kW model $2,140

Three phase hybrid, 'solar & battery' SAJ inverters.
H2-T2, 5kW ($2,365), 6kW ($2,530), 8kW ($2,915) and 10kW ($3,190), includes consumption meter and backup circuitry.
A low maximum MPPT input of only 500V is offset by the fact that all these models have 3 x MPPTs.
So, fewer panels than normal on a string, but more strings than usual.

The recommended battery is SAJ's own new high voltage battery described below.

Single phase, solar only SAJ inverters.
R5 range - 3kW($1,055), 5kW ($1,080), 6kW ($1,100) and 8kW ($1,630) models.
2 x MPPTs for all but the 8kW and 10kW models can connect two strings in parallel.

R6 range - 5kW ($1,410), 8kW ($1,795) and 10kW ($2,235).
3 x MPPTs for all.

Single phase hybrid, solar and battery SAJ inverters.
H2-S2 - 5kW ($1,870), 6kW ($1,980)... All have 2 x MPPTs, meter and backup.
H2-S3 - 5kW ($2,365), 6kW ($2,530), 8kW ($2,695), 10kW ($3,190)... 3 x MPPTs, meter and backup.

SAJ ES-B2 high voltage battery
ES-B2 Floor stand and BMS/power control unit $890
5kWh (4.5kWh usable) battery module - $3,080.
Maximum 5 modules (25kWh/22.5kWh usable) per stack.
Series connected, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP/LiFePO4) cell chemistry.
Width is always 626mm, depth 365mm, and height rises from 261mm to a maximum of 1.3m
The power / BMS unit on top adds 250mm.
SAJ B2 battery warranty is 10 years defect, 10 years minimum 60% performance.

What do I think about SAJ?
I've always liked the smiley face design of the R5 models.
I think the new single and three phase hybrid models and battery are excellent value for money.
The new 10 year warranty on both inverters and batteries is a welcome step up from the previous 5 years.
I inspected the SAJ products closely at a recent trade show. Seemed robust and well designed.
This is a popular brand, especially with high volume type solar companies, because it's low priced.
That tends to earn probably the wrong sort of reputation, in SAJ's case, perhaps unfairly.
3 x MPPTs on their hybrids and a simple but safe battery. Why not?
As a service manager my primary concern is reliability.
I had my ear to the ground about SAJ before suggesting to the boss we sold/installed SAJ products.
Didn't hear anything unusual. All products have issues now and then.
Reports on SAJ seemed no better or worse than any other at this price point.

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062