REC solar panel review


What's good about REC in particular is their new defect warranty.

As Nathan has done the 'REC' training course and got himself accredited with them, it means every installation he does of REC panels, after registering all the panel serial numbers on the REC website and going through a few other hoops, has a 25 year parts and labour defect and power warranty.


We love their marketing line..."For every million panels a year we make, we process 60 warranty claims". Well REC make about 4 million panels a year so we assume their claims officer isn't all that busy.


REC made their reputation on half-cell technology with the TwinPeak, then the TwinPeak2 and now the NPeak panels.

REC are a really superb 'mid-range' solar panel. Their NPeak panel uses the much more expensive 'N' type silicon cells as found in the top of the range LG and SunPower panels.

All REC panels are made in their factory in Singapore although the company is in fact Norwegian.

REC TwinPeak 2 half cell 315W mono datasheet


REC NPeak 315W/320W half cell 'N' type mono datasheet