REC solar panel review - Updated May 2022


REC Solar were originally a Norwegian company manufacturing middle and top end panels in Singapore.

REC were then acquired by Chem China but continued to manufacture the same panels in Singapore.

In 2021, Reliance Industries of India acquired REC.

In 2022, the very same Reliance Industries acquired UK based Faradian and will now be using their technology advances to make Sodium Ion batteries.

This is very exciting news because there is every chance that battery prices will fall significantly, a prospect that was never likely to happen with Lithium based batteries.

Sodium is abundant on planet Earth, Lithium is rare but until recently, Lithium was much more energy and weight efficient.
Not so anymore thanks to Faradian, so we can expect the same Lithium Ion battery production lines to start producing cheaper Sodium Ion batteries soon...hopefully.

Anyway, that aside, you came to this page to read about REC solar panels so let's get back to that.

REC make a regular 'P' type celled panel, the Twinpeak4. Nice panel, costs 25% more than a regular Chinese made equivalent.

The Alpha is REC's premium offering and uses superior 'N' type cells and costs 50% more than a regular 'P' type Chinese panel and 40% more than JinKo's 'N' type panels.

Both the TwinPeak and Alphas have a 20 year defect warranty which can be bumped an extra 5 years if installed by a REC accredited installer (which we are).

For a typical 6.6kW install, it will cost you an extra $900 for REC TwinPeaks or $1,800 for Alphas when compared to regular Chinese made panels.
That extra cost equates to about 9 months of solar production for the TPs and 18 months for the Alphas, which are numbers that don't scare many people looking for a quality, non-Chinese branded panel, that will operate on their roof for 25 years or more.

You can see the latest REC panel range here on their Australian website.

In my experience, most people buy REC because...

They aren't made in China.
They are made to a very high standard.
They look great.
They aren't made in China.
They have a very long warranty.
They have a proven record of reliability.
And, most importantly, they aren't made in China.

For all those, very desirable things, you must expect to pay a bit more than a run of the mill Chinese panel.

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.