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Longi solar panel review - Updated November 2019


About Longi solar panels

We were an early adopter of Longi solar panels although its likely that we were using part of their factory production many years before we installed our first Longi panel. The reason is that Longiare the World's largest manufacturer of monocrystalline wafers and wafers are what solar cells inside solar panels are made from.


In 2019 they overtook Jinko as the largest panel manufacturer of solar panels too with production of a bit over 13 Gigawatts a year. That's 13 BILLION Watts. As their latest panel is 350 Watts, if we divide one into the other you get 37.million panels. Longi make 37 million solar panels a year. Wow!


Panel models come and go all the time, and the black beauty pictured above, a 300W all black model is now out of stock, but we live in hope that Longi will release another stylish all black panel in 2020.


Their latest product is a 20% efficient 350W panel. You need 19 of them to achieve 6.65kW.

They didn't cheat as others have done and increase the panel size either. It measures 1762 x 994 mm...absolutely regular sized.


Our experience with Longi panels has been excellent. No faults at all, lower than average cell degredation losses (LID).


Longi 350W datasheet


Longi All Black 300W mono datasheet