Leapton Solar panel review - Updated Feb 2022

Leapton are a Japanese panel manufacturer, based in Kobe.
They are expanding their factories in China to meet demand and recently were awarded 'Tier 1' status by Bloomberg NEF.

We've been installing them for four years and so far they have proven to be faultless.

The specs for the panel are exactly what would be expected from a panel with the usual 'P' type cells inside.

The most popular model at the moment is their 440W half-cell mono.
Only 15 of them needed for the typical 6.6kW install which makes for a little less installation materials and time, compared to 18 x 370W and the version we always get is the one with a black frame so they look good too.

The Leapton warranty is a full 25 years for manufacturing defects and the cell degredation warranty. We typically see 25 year warranties on the more premium panels so its good to see a more budget priced panel standing by their product like this.

Leapton have an office at 965 South Road, Melrose Park, Adelaide. Call 1800 717 636

Would I put Leapton panels on my own roof?
Certainly, especially with the peace of mind of a 25 year defect warranty.
We have installed Leaptons since 2018 with no issues at all.
If you want a quote for solar with Leapton panels then call us on...

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Leapton 370W brochure

Leapton 25 year warranty

This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update April 2021