Leapton Solar panel review


Leapton are a Japanese company who make solar panels in China.


Their current offering is a 330W half cell mono, which in itself is pretty good, but with a 15 year warranty instead of the usual 10-12 years.


What makes this panel interesting is price. It's introductory price is very cheap, in fact for a typical 6.6kW system the opening Leapton offer are currently a whopping $585 cheaper than 20 x 330W panels from World No.1 Jinko, and $360 cheaper than World No.7 Risen.


With a 15 year warranty that's a very attractive offer designed to get us all interested in this new brand in Australia.


There is absolutely no reason to think this is an inferior quality product, but we have to say, its almost impossible to find any information about this brand on the internet, and to that extent, we are a bit cautious about whole-heartedly recommending this product yet.


However, it is also worth pointing out that we, and the rest of the solar industry in the good old days of ten years ago, were installing millions of 'no name' panels before anyone came up with the 'Tier 1' classification, and they are all going just fine, so why shouldn't this one?


We are happy to sell them, install them and put our necks on the line for the 15 year warranty


Leapton 330W half cell mono datasheet