Leapton Solar panel review

Leapton are a Japanese panel manufacturer, based in Kobe.
They are expanding their factories in China to meet demand and recently were awarded 'Tier 1' status by Bloomberg NEF.

It's a good quality, typically spec panel at the normal price, with a 25 year warranty.

25 years defect warranty is something we have previously only seen with the most expensive panels and whilst we have been saying for many years that the reliability of all the standard Tier 1 brands is so good that 25 years defect warranty should be on all of them, so far it is only Leapton who have put up a piece of paper guaranteeing it.

The efficiency of the 370W Leapton LP166 panel is 20.3% which is the same as with any other 370W panel from JinKo, LonGi, Trina, Canadian etc.
The panel dimensions are 1765mm x 1048mm and they have a black frame.

It is a 9 busbar, 120 half-cell 'P' type monocrystalline design. Normal.

Salt mist/ammonia severity resistance rating is 5. The highest level possible is 6.

The temperature power loss factor is -0.28% per °C , again, completely normal.

It means that for every °C the temperature rises, the output reduces by 0.28%.

With polycrystalline panels the loss was typically 0.4% so things have really improved in the past few years.

Price is normal at approx $185 per panel, less STC subsidy of $185 = Free.

Leapton have an office at 965 South Road, Melrose Park, Adelaide. Call 1800 717 636

Would I put Leapton panels on my own roof?
Certainly, especially with the peace of mind of a 25 year defect warranty.
We have installed Leaptons for a couple of years with no issues at all.
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Leapton 370W brochure

Leapton 25 year warranty

This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update April 2021