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LG solar panel review - Updated November 2019

LG shrewdly decided that the mainstream market was already over-crowded with huge brands, so went for the premium market instead. .

Not only do LG make some of the very finest solar panels they also make very good solar storage batteries. The only thing missing is an LG solar inverter, which as an electronics company you would have thought would have been a cinch for them.

The most prestigous award in solar is winning Intersolar in Munich and LG walked away with it year after year up to 2016. Some might say that rival SunPower at the top end of town deserved to win as much as LG.


Time marches on and the technical lead that LG and SunPower enjoyed for some many years is being eroded. We are now seeing regular 'P' type celled panels easily reaching 350W and 20% efficiency whilst LG and SunPower have appeared to be treading water for a few years.


Who knows for sure what is going on behind the scenes, but in one regard, it's neither here nor there. If you buy an LG panel you are getting the best quality, the best technology and the best warranty.



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