JinKo Solar panel review

JinKo are a Chinese company with several manufacturing plants around the World.
They manufacture hundreds of millions of panels a year. 2nd largest on the 'Tier 1' list.
JinKo have four different panels available in Perth.

370W 'P' type. (brochure)
440W 'P' type. (brochure)
370W 'N' type. (brochure)
390W 'N' type. (brochure)

'P' type means the cells are going to slowly degrade at 0.6% a year after an initial first year drop of 2%.
After 25 years that means the output will be down by 17% from new, so a 370W panel will be down to 307W in the year 2046.
That's entirely normal for all regular solar panels from the other manufacturers, LonGi, Trina, Leapton, JA etc.

'N' type means it's a slower degrading cell, 0.4% a year and 1% in the first year. So 11% loss after 25 years.
Again, that's entirely normal for a panel that has 'N' type cells inside.
What isn't normal about JinKo's 'N' type celled panels is the price.

The premium brands have been selling 'N' types for years. That's mostly how they justified the higher prices.
Typically, a REC, Sunpower or LG 'N' type panel, 6.66kW system costs around $3,000 more than a system with 'P' type panels.
You also get a 25 year defect warranty for that extra outlay.

JinKo 'N' types are about $800 extra for a 6.6kW system, and they give a 20 year warranty.

The efficiency of all the JinKo panels is the usual 20%.
The panel dimensions are 1842mm x 1021mm except the 440W 'P' type that is 11cm wider and a fraction longer.

Black frames for all of them as is the standard for all the panels these days.
Half-cell monocrystalline design for all the panels.

Salt mist/ammonia severity resistance rating is 5. The highest level possible is 6.

The temperature power loss factor is -0.28% per °C , again, completely normal.
It means that for every °C the temperature rises, the output reduces by 0.28%.

Defect warranty is 12 years for the 'P' type panels and 20 years for the 'N' types.

JinKo have an office in Sydney. Call 1300 326 182.

Would I put JinKo panels on my own roof?
Absolutely, especially the 'N' types with their 20 year defect warranty.
We have installed JinKo for many years with no issues at all.
If you want a quote for solar with JinKo panels then call us on...

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update April 2021