JA Solar panel review

JA Solar are one of the largest hinese manufacturers.
The current panels we have access to in Perth are 370W and 390W half-cell monos.

The efficiency of the 370W JA Solar panel is 20% and 21% for the 390W.

12 year defect warranty. A bit low when most others are 15 years and Leapton now 25 years.

The 370W panel dimensions are 1769mm x 1052mm and they usually have a black frame.

It is a 120 half-cell 'P' type monocrystalline design. Normal.

Salt mist/ammonia severity resistance rating is 5. The highest level possible is 6.

The temperature power loss factor is -0.27% per °C . It means that for every °C the temperature rises, the output reduces by 0.27%. That's fractionally (0.01%) better than the usual 0.28%.

Price is normal at approx $185 per panel, less STC subsidy of $185 = Free.

JA have an office in Newcastle NSW. Call 02 8328 0488. Email service.au@jasolar.com

JA Solar 370-390W datasheet.
Would I put JA solar panels on my own roof?
I see from our records that we have installed very few JA panels over the years, so no, probably not as I don't have enough personal experience with this brand. I'm sure they are just as good as Longi, Jionko, Canadian, Trina, Leapton, Seraphim etc

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Canadian HiKu CSL3 370W brochure

This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update April 2021