Growatt Inverters


Growatt Inverters 

When we started up in 2011 we were looking for a reliable low-cost inverter to offer and a solar company in South Australia we knew recommended Growatt. There were no wholesalers stocking Growatt in Perth so we bought directly from the manufacturer and had them shipped to us from China. They even sent the first forty to us by air to get us up and running straight away.

One of the best moves we ever made. They have been outstandingly reliable.

The current generation of Growatt inverters are equally impressive.

Their SPH5000 hybrid inverter may not have the sleek sophistication of Huawei, but it's got everything that most people want in a battery inverter. It's well priced, works with the attractively priced Growatt battery, has EPS (back-up) available and 'Off-Grid' mode, and the smart meter is included too. The only disappointment with the Growatt hybrid and battery is the lack of power. The battery charges and discharges at only 3kW instead of the full 5kW.

The new Growatt X single phase range of regular (not battery inverters) looks remarkably like Huawei but also has a small LCD screen which means it's suitable for people who don't like smartphones and web browsers but still want to know how their inverter is doing. The X range also supports an inexpensive smart meter for those who want consumption, import and export reporting (and that's becoming almost everyone these days).

Their three phase inverter is older tech, but performs as it should.

All of the inverters include WIFI reporting for free.

So, all in all, Growatt is a low-risk, low cost product, and by all accounts there are more than 200,000 installed across Australia. We have installed about 1,000, but in ten years only 18 failures, all replaced very swiftly by Growatt under warranty.

To get your extended warranty (an extra 5 years free on top of the standard five) you need to register here.

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