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Can Whirlpool 'advice' be trusted?

Whirlpool Greentech forum and Facebook Crap Solar are two popular forums for discussion about solar. There are more.

Many people seeking advice on solar go to these sites because they are confused by conflicting advice they have received from sales reps.


It is therefore not surprising that the solar sales reps also hang out on these forums.

On average about 40% of the posts on Whirlpools threads are from solar sales reps, usually incognito of course.


Two of these Perth masked reps are Mr Wick and Uncle Bob.

I often wonder how they manage to get any real work done. They are posting ALL the time, so it must work, repeating the same old stuff, "Sunpower, Fronius, SMA good, everything else, ticky tacky" ..time and time again, otherwise their bosses would tell them to knuckle down and make a few phones calls instead.


Our advice is to ignore the sales reps who are easy to spot because REAL people don't rubbish a variety of products or companies they don't know anything about, they only write about their own personal experiences. Real people posting about the good and bad they have experienced..well that's just gold, and exactly what these forums should be exclusively for.


Here's a recent gem from Mr Wick...


"First generation Huawei inverters are not even compatible with the batteries out now."


A statement that would send shivers of concern down the spines of thousands of early Huawei buyers who bought the original 'L' or M0 inverters. Trouble is though, it is a total fabrication. The Huawei L is, and always will be, fully compatible with LG Chem batteries, and the M0 with Huawei's own battery and Huawei have confirmed that the original 'L' inverter will have a firmware upgrade to provide compatibility with the Huawei battery by April 2021.


So if you are a serious researcher of solar data then avoid Crap Solar, Whirlpool and seek it from more trustworthy impartial sources like the NREL


Can you even trust the information on


What a fantastic source of mostly accurate information this website is. But their business is to get you to request a solar quotation which they then sell to three solar companies at about $40 a lead. Your request for a quote earns them $120. It begs the question...can they be totally impartial with information on their website? Can even Choice magazine be trusted when they have a lead referral program operating through solar quotes? That's right. Even Choice are making recommendations on one side and taking money from solar companies (via lead payments) on the other.