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Canadian solar panel review - Updated November 2019

This cheerful lot are Canadian Solar's team in Australia.
42-44 Stephenson St, Cremorne VIC 3121
(03) 8609 1844
Canadian have had their Australian team since 2011.


We have installed a LOT of Canadian solar panels over the years and our verdict is a big tick. That's actually fairly obvious isn't it, because if they had been rubbish we would have avoided them?


In some ways though, in 2019, we think Canadian somewhat lost their way. A huge, and frankly, baffling array of new modules none of which actually stack up as anything particularly special, and higher than market average pricing. Looking back over our installs of Canadian solar in 2019 I see that it's a sorry tale compared to previous years. We understand that the intention was to lift themselves out of the low cost, low profit, pool of competitors, but so far, we don't think it has worked.


I mean when you can buy a Q.Cells Maxx 330W panel for the same price as a Canadian 315W, it's a no brainer really.


So, we look forward to a simpler line up of what the market wants, high efficiency monos not over large polys, in 2020 so we can get back onboard.


I'm not even going to bother listing their datasheets for now.