Canadian Solar panel review

Canadian Solar are a very large panel manufacturer making hundreds of millions of panels a year, mostly from factories in China.

How much of their popularity in Australia is down to solar sales reps leaving customers thinking they are buying a North American panel is open to speculation, but we've been asked on many occasions not to provide a quote on any "Chinese panel" and to quote Canadian Solar panels instead.

Canadian solar panels, or at least all the ones we get in Australia, are made in China. Nothing wrong with that. They mostly all are from any brand.
Canadian Solar inverters are also made in China. I'm pretty certain that they are made by Solis and re-badged as Canadian Solar because the lowest price Solis 4G and the Canadian solar CSI inverter look identical.

Canadian Solar have an office in Australia (their team pictured above, albeit from quite a few years ago). No doubt there are more now and even better looking. Feel free to send me a new picture.

All the Canadian solar panels we have installed, have been well-made and we have never had a faulty one. Whilst that's the same for all the other big brands, reliable as a sunrise, its still worth saying each time.

Like the LonGi 370W, the open circuit voltage of the 370W Canadian panel is a little lower than normal and as a result we can install 13 panels on a string in Perth, not the usual 12 panel maximum.

The best selling Canadian panels is the 370W, because as with all other 370W panels, if you connect 18 of them you get a 6.66kW system, which is the maximum allowed in WA for single phase installs until you connect a battery (9.62kW of panel power allowed with the Huawei 5kW inverters and 8.88kW with the Fronius GEN24Plus when you plug in their batteries).

The efficiency of the 370W Canadian HiKu CSL3 panel is 20% which is the same as with any other 370W panel from JinKo, Canadian, Trina, LonGi, JA etc.

12 year defect warranty. A bit low when most others are 15 years and Canadian now 25 years.

The 370W panel dimensions are 1765mm x 1048mm and they usually have a black frame.

It is a 120 half-cell 'P' type monocrystalline design. Normal.

Salt mist/ammonia severity resistance rating is 5. The highest level possible is 6.

The temperature power loss factor is -0.29% per °C . It means that for every °C the temperature rises, the output reduces by 0.29%. That's fractionally (0.01%) worse than the usual 0.28%, and 0.02% worse than the LonGi but we are only talking a couple of bucks a year in value.

Price is normal at approx $185 per panel, less STC subsidy of $185 = Free.

Canadian have an office in Melbourne. Call 03 8609 1844

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Canadian HiKu CSL3 370W brochure

This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update April 2021