Zeversolar inverters  

In 2007 a small Chinese company released the Eversolar product range on an unsuspecting public. By 2013 the product had achieved such an astronomically high failure rate that they were ripe for the plucking by German SMA who wanted a presence in the largest solar consumer market in the World, namely China.

There was no way that the Germans were going to carry on with the cheap relays and other poor quality components in the Eversolar, so as well as a name change to Zeversolar, there was a major product overhaul.

It's still a low cost inverter and competes in the same price bracket as other Chinese companies like Growatt, Goodwe, JFY and Delta. It's a simple box and as such, is perfectly fine for someone on a budget and not looking for battery capability. We were somewhat surprised that when Alinta recently entered the solar sales market they took on this inverter brand as their product of choice. We notice that they picked Jinko panels to go with it, which to our way of thinking is about as 'economy' a combination as you can get, but they sell this for twice the price we do, so good luck to them.

WIFI is not included ($150 extra) which makes it less desirable than Goodwe who include it for free, although it is included in the 3 phase Evershine product.

Whilst the solar sales people will say that this inverter is battery ready, as they do for every inverter... it is not. You can not connect batteries to it...ever. They are no hybrids in the Zeversolar range at time of writing. If you want batteries then you need to first buy another box, made by someone else (probably Goodwe) and costing about $2,000 once it's all installed, and THEN you can connect batteries. If you seriously think you will be connecting batteries later, spend an extra $750 now and get the Huawei hybrid inverter which comes with a 10 year warranty, Zeversolar only 5 years.

Zeverlution range (single phase)

1.5kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 3.68kVA, 4kVA, 5kVA

Evershine range (3 phase)

4kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 33kVA