Talesun solar panel review

Talesun are a Chinese solar panel manufacturer who are owned by a 30 year old Chinese corporation called Zhongli. They rank near the top of the Bloomberg Tier 1 list and judging by the solar farm picture above of Talesun panels, it's fair to say they have had some considerable success.

Our opinion of the Talesun panel is that it is an absolutely normal Tier 1 product, identical in every way with all the other mainstream brands. The temperature coefficient of PMax is -0.4% for °C above 5 °C which makes it marginally better than most of the others, but not really of any significance. The defect warranty is 10 years...absolutely normal, and the reviews from other Australian companies and end users have been very positive.

They provide a 0 to +3% power tolerance, so it's possible your 275W panels might actually be as much as 283W. Most other manufacturers offer up to 5W power tolerance, so a potential 8W extra for free is nice.

Talesun 275W - 60 polycrystalline cells. 1650mm x 992mm x 35mm

Voltage 31.7V x Current 8.69A = 275W

Price $209 ($0.76 per watt)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.40 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.40 x 35 = 14%