TW Solar panel review


If you've never heard of TW Solar, then you are not alone, but last year (2018) they made net profits of nearly half a BILLION dollars. Who are these guys and what have they got for us?


The first thing to say about TW Solar is that a heck of a lot of solar panels have TW Solar cells inside them. In that regard they are very much like Longi whose panels are now widely accepted, as 'bloody good' but who made their reputation and big bucks from making cells and wafers for other solar manufacturers. Little known fact, Longi supplied LG with solar cells.


Anyway, that's Longi, but the parallels with TW Solar are obvious, and now they have come to Australia, courtesy of an exclusive deal with one of the solar industry's true gentlemen, Anson, CEO of One Stop Warehouse, with an opening offer of a standard sized, over 20% efficient, shingled 350W monocrystalline panel. It's very competitively priced too.


350W x 19 = 6.65kW which is as close as it is possible to get to the magincal 6.66kW limit.


So, if you are looking for a super efficient panel at a great price, because you want as much power on your limited roof space home, then this one is quite possibly right for you.


TW Solar 350W shingled mono panel datasheet