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Q.Cells solar panel review

Q.Cells Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

About Q.Cells solar panels

Q.Cells engineer all of their panels in Thalheim, Germany  (pictured below)



We're not saying that just because it is Germany engineering it's necessarily better, but the judges at the biggest solar expo in the world (Intersolar in Munich) awarded them best panel both this year (Q.Peak Duo half cell mono) and last year (for an innovative extra sturdy frame).


Various installations of different Q.Cells panels have been installed at the Desert Solar test centre in Alice Springs for many years and they have performed well above average, and this echos our own rooftop tests where they came out on top or nearly in every single comparison test.


Two of Perth's largest solar retailers have taken sides, one with Q.Cells and the other with Taiwanese brand Winaico, and no holds are barred by their sales reps on sticking it to the opposition. The Winaico lot spend extraordinary amounts of time on sales calls and on internet forums like Whirlpool slagging off Q.Cells (snail trails, and cluster bombs being their favourites) and The Q.Cells lot slag off Winaico for their lack of an Australian office and limited product range. The truth is that yes, Q.Cells once upon a time had a brief problem with a few panels that developed 'snail trails', which have zero effect on output but look odd, and their owner Hanwha once made cluster bombs (now banned) AND on the other boot, good luck finding a Winaico telephone number let alone any staff or office in Australia, and yes, they've only got a poly and a mono panel. Both brands however are a big cut above average.


The current range of Q.Cells panels range from an above average "economy" 275W poly panel (Q.Power), a much better 300/310W mono (Q.Peak), and a spectacularly good 325/330W half cell mono (Q.Peak Duo). The latter being the one 'Best Panel' at this years Intersolar Expo.


All the panels come with a 12 year defect warranty and salt mist/ammonia protection level 6. In fact Q.Cells go so far as to say that you can install them as close to the ocean as you like as long as they are not actually IN the water.


The other thing that we really like about Q.Cells is their 18 strong (and growing) office in Sydney. Pick up the phone and call 02 9016 3033 and you can ask them anything. As we wrote in our Canadian Solar review, manufacturers like these that have 'skin in the game' by investing in Australia are a strong safeguard on your long term warranty.


Finally, on the subject of price...
Q.Cells are always a bit more expensive in every category than Chinese made panels. Our point of view is that if you are looking for a 10 year investment in solar, then Chinese made top brands like Canadian, Jinko, Trina, ET etc are going to be the best bang for buck, but if your time frame extends beyond that, then putting Q.Cells on your short list is a wise idea.


Q.Cells product range catalogue



Q.Peak Duo 325/330W half-cell mono


Q.Peak 300/310W mono


Q.Power 275/280W poly