Link solar panel review - Updated November 2019


Link Energy have teamed up with national wholesaler Powerark, and whilst these things change all the time, they are currently the cheapest available panel on the Australian market.


As you can see from our Prices page, at time of writing in Nov 19 an installation of 21 of the Link 315W panels would cost you negative $682. That means that the value of the STCs (Government incentive) is $682 more than the entire cost of 6.615kW of Link panels. That's half the cost of your inverter covered !


You have to take your hat off to them for telling it like it is (see picture at top of page).


We have inspected the panels and as far as we can tell they are identical in quality to every other 'Standard' panel.


The big question is 'Do we expect to sell many?' and the answer to that is 'no' and the reason is that most people prefer to buy a well- known brand. Google searching 'Review on Link Solar panels' is more than likely to yield not much more than this review.


It's likely that these panels will last for 25 years without any issues, as 99.9% of all panels do as the NREL report on 30 year panels has shown only a 1 in 1,000 defect rate.


Link Energy Jupiter 315W half cell mono datasheet