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Solar Inverter Repairs

The most common failure on solar inverters are worn-out relays and blown fuses.
We aren't seeing these same failures on more modern inverters, so clearly lessons have been learnt.

Replacing a failed relay is neither easy or cheap.
We charge $550 and frankly, that isn't really more than just covering the cost of two trips by an electrician to your home to remove and later replace the inverter, at least an hour taking out the circuit board from the inverter and soldering in the replacement relays, and then putting it all back, and of course, the cost of the relays.

We do it though, because for many people the alternative is buying a new inverter starting at about $1,000 installed... and that's just for a small inverter.

The discussion we often have with people centres around whether it is even worth replacing the inverter.

Often people have a small system but hang on to it whilst they get the benefits of the 40 cent bonus feed in tariff. That scheme ends ten years to the day after it started for each person which could have been on any date between August 2010 and July 2011.

So with the scheme ending for most people pretty soon, is it worth throwing more money at a small old system instead of replacing it with a large new one?

There's no universal answer for that one, but in our experience we have found its worthwhile giving people a quote on a whole new system because at least 50% of the time, they buy the new system instead of replacing or repairing the inverter.