GCL solar panel review

In 2019 GCL made the decision to focus on manufacturing solar wafer, cells and panels and to step back from large scale project developments...huge scale solar farms.


GCL aren't just a solar manufacturer, they are into oil and gas too. It's a bit like having a foot in both camps. Mind you SunPower, the most premium of premium solar panel brands are owned by oil and gas company Total Energy. As a bit of a footnote, in 2019 SunPower decided to do the exact opposite of GCL and move away from manufacturing to focus on projects. One man's meat is another man's pison as the saying goes.


GCL also happen to be the majority shareholder of One Stop Warehouse, one of the largest national solar wholesalers in Australia.


Our experience with GCL panels has been limited. Despite owning One Stop who we have bought from since about 2013, their panels aren't particularly exciting or even well priced. The biggest drawback is that they are ALL polycrystalline panels. No monos.


Whilst polys are a bit cheaper to make than monos, they are also significantly less efficient.

If you take a standard sized 60 cell panel, polys simply can't get past 290W whereas we now have 350W standard sized monos from Longi, TW and others.


Higher efficiency means fewer panels on the roof, and that means that you have more roof area later to add more panels (which you can legally do if you buy a hybrid inverter and connect a battery to it).