Enphase inverters  

Enphase manufacture a micro inverter that is attached to each and every solar panel and essentially does three jobs.

1. It provides conversion of DC panel power to AC right there on your roof not at a central inverter.

2. It adjusts the voltage and current for the panel up and down continuously to maintain the maximum amount of power and therefore reducing the loss of power caused by panels falling into shade. See this FAQ

3. It breaks the circuit for the solar panel in the event that there is AC mains failure making it safe to work on or in the roof.

Enphase do all of this very well.

They also have an AC coupled battery that can be added in 1.2kWh increments but does not provide emergency back up power in the event of a mains power failure. It also works out to be pretty expensive compared to other options if you want a reasonable amount of storage.

Panel Level monitoring

They also provide individual panel level monitoring so you can see on the Enlighten software what each of your panels are doing.

Whilst monitoring each panel's output is fun for some people, at least for a while, it also has resulted in a phenominal number of false alarms. Before calling your solar company for support, get up on the roof and check your panel (s) for bird poop, dust, leaves etc. If they spend a long while on the phone with you and eventually come out at your insistence and find no fault, you'll be paying a hefty bill.

Should you buy Enphase?

It's a VERY good product, but...

We would recommend that before buying Enphase you consider other products that provide the same shade busting facilities at considerably lower cost.

For example...

Huawei provide selective deployment of DC optimisers to combat shade (point 2 of 3 above), not needing one on every panel, as well as a smart safety box to cut the panel power and provide panel level monitoring.

or SolarEdge, or even just a regular inverter with Tigo optimisers

Talk to us and we'll give you all the options.