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Solar panels and inverters that are NOT made in China

We get a fair few calls requesting solar made anywhere except China

Hardly surprising. The Chinese Government is making life very difficult for Australian farmers blocking exports of Australian barley, meats and cotton. Our huge coal export industry is also being challenged by China (some would say good, environmentally). It's politics. Some people want to fight back and boycott Chinese products including solar.


Almost all solar panels you will be quoted are fully Chinese.
Canadian Solar, JinKo, Trina, JA Solar, Risen, Suntech, GCL..Chinese through and through.


REC panels are made in Singapore but the company is Chinese owned.

Sunpower stopped making their own panels in 2020 and the new manufacturer, Maxeon is 20% Chinese owned, with some of the panels are now made in China.

Leapton is a Japanese company but makes their panels in China.

Hyundai are South Korean and some panels are made there, others in Vietnam and China.


Get the idea. Chinese influence is almost everywhere, but there are a few exceptions.


Q.Cells DUO panels and LG NeON solar panels are made in South Korea, but both manufacturers have cheaper models (Q.Cells MAXX-G2) and (LG MonoX Plus) that they make in China.


Aleo and Solarwatt make their panels in Germany.


Q.Cells solar inverters are made in South Korea
Fronius solar inverters are made in Austria
Fimer solar inverters are made in Italy.
The 5kW SMA 3 phase Tripower inverter is made in Germany but the single phase Sunny Boy is made in China.


Huawei, SolarEdge, Enphase, Goodwe, Sungrow, Growatt, Delta, BYD, Solis, Solax, Zeversolar, KStar, and Trina inverters are all made in China.


If you want a good, 100% non Chinese solar installation then we recommend...
1. Q.Cells DUO panels and Q.Cells inverter (plus Q.Cells battery)

2. Fronius or Fimer inverter plus Q.Cells DUO, LG NeON, Aleo or Solarwatt panels