Astronergy solar panel review - Updated November 2019


Ronald at SolarQuotes has had a lot of fun with the Chinglish on their website, and fair enough too as it costs very little to get things like this correctly written by a native speaker of English.


Chint make Astronergy panels and Chint are much larger than just a solar manufacturer better known for their electrical components


The current Astronergy panel is a 330W half cell mono and it looks exactly like all the other 'standard' quality half cell monos...but they are a few hundred dollars cheaper for 6.6kW of them than the bigger name brands like Jinko and Trina.


Like the Link Energy panel, they are available from wholesaler Powerark, but unlike Link, Astro are a Bloomberg NEF rated Tier 1 brand which means they may be a safer choice long term.


Astronnergy 330W half-cell mono datasheet